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Specializing in the repair and restoration of vintage audio equipment

Threshold is a Hallmark brand that made quality stereo equipment for over 20 years. Founded by Nelson Pass, the company made equipment from 1975-1996.

Take heart that most components can be restored to original configurations with modern parts. I specialize in the repair and restoration of these classic audio components. Browse through the many reviews and comments that have been made regarding these classic pieces of history. I primarily service Threshold and Forte, but I also perform service to Nakamichi, Bedini, Aragon, Krell, McIntosh and others.

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Repair and service of Threshold & Forte brand preamps and amplifiers

Music is what brings many of us joy, relaxation and a wide range of emotions. Artists work to make us feel connected with words and instruments. Musicians play for the personal satisfaction of it.

Audiophiles build expensive systems to bring that experience into the home. It the last 18 months that has become more important than ever as lockdowns and stay at home orders have forced many to spend more time in the home. Concerts cancelled has left us without the connection.

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Our Work Process


Step One

contact us to diagnosis the issue


Step Two

set up an appointment and send in the unit


Step Three

Receive, Inspect diagnose the issue


Step Four

We will contact you for repair and restoration options prior to beginning work


So What’s Next?

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